Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buffalo Experiment

This is the front at its best when the bluebonnets are blooming.  Most of the year it is very uninteresting and unattractive.

I decided to put in a swath of native grass promoted by the Wildflower Center, Habiturf of buffalo, blue grama and fescue.

This is the renovated area looking from the driveway.  This was a BIG job.  I added compost and additional soil and rototilled it all in about 8 inches.  Then I added the edging.  Ended up puncturing the irrigation line when I was installing the edging.   Typical of me.

 Another view from the drive.

The view from the house sidewalk toward the driveway.  There is a green 'fuzz' appearing now and the recent rain should help.  

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for dropping by the Patchwork Garden.
    I popped over to visit here.
    You have a great garden. And, a cute dog. Thank goodness our Maggie can't climb trees..haha