Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Dear Deer

I went out to the front yard to view the garden and saw a surprise Mother's Day gift from my DEAR DEER.  They did NOT eat my Yucca blooms!  Wonder if the blooms will be there tomorrow.

AND they did NOT eat my white Iris either!.  How sweet, dear deer.

Another Mother's Day surprise, lovely red climbing rose.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Week In May

Water Iris

Four-nerve daisy and salvia farinacea

Mock orange

Iris Bells 

A volunteer sunflower among the larkspur

Fields of blanket flower

More blanket flower - gaillardia

Lots of pomegranate blooms

The Anacacho Orchid tree is still blooming.

Time to weed the pathways.  The four-nerve daisy and bluebonnets are going to seed.

This little coreopsis among the four-nerve daisy came from seeds collected along the roadside.

Still a few poppies blooming.

Zoey captures the tree!

This old rotten tree fell down when the surrounding ground softened from the last rain.  I've been cutting it up for weeks.  I may leave this bit as Zoey loves to climb on top.  My little goat!

Zoey among the poppies and blanket flower.

One pathway cleared!

I found this little Laura Bush petunia at Barton Springs Nursery.  This is one tough sweet little petunia.

The back patio.

Volunteer lantana.

A nice bouquet rescued from Lowe's half-price rack.