Saturday, March 23, 2013

More blooms

First poppy

First Hesperloe bloom

More bluebonnets than veggies.  Oh well, food for the soul.

First Iris bloom

Verbena among the bluebonnets.

First little morning glory hiding in the citrus tree.

Something new blooming every day

Need to make this patio more interesting.  Maybe more blackfoot daisies.
Salvia Farinacea.  Love it.

Reminder - paint that picket I replaced on the lower left side.

Lemon blossoms.

I love the redbuds.  Need to plant more of them.

Belinda's Dream

Looking through the Anacacho Orchid tree.

Orchid Tree blooms

Spiderwort - one of the earliest bloomers at my house.

Boxwoods and Bluebonnets

Four Nerve Daisy covers my pathways.  They love granite sand.

Salvia - not sure which kind.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring 2013

My first daffodil

My row of passalong crinums from Esther

Flowering Quince in the orchard

Primrose Jasmine

More Quince

Bluebonnets in the orchard

Four-nerve daisy

My first bluebonnet bloom

Citrus fruit and blooms

Citrus in the greenhouse

Are these Purple Martins?

Wildflowers in the pathways, nothing much in the flowerbeds!

Caroline Jessamine

Irish Bells in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Blackfoot Daisies are all blooming

More green than brown now!

Poppy seedlings in the firepit area.

Abutilon starting to bloom

Blurry pic of native verbena

The first sunflower blooms

Amaryllis among the ivy by the pond.  It is very short and stubby this year but the blooms are gorgeous.

Lots of daisies.

Zoey the wonder dog showing her climbing talents!

More Zoey