Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

Little apples

Little pears

Japanese Maple

Clearing pathways

Hesperloe bloom spikes

Blackberry blooms



Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spring is HERE

Fig tree leaves sprouting

Mountain Laurel blooms.  They smell like grape soda.

Sandankwa viburnum

Julia Child rose

My first iris bloom this year

I am removing a mesquite tree and the primrose jasmine that swallowed it.  The jasmine is a real monster, rooting whenever a branch touches the ground.

Little rainbow rose

Crepuscule rose buds

Apple blossoms

Friday, December 15, 2017

SNOW in Central Texas

The house as seen from the back yard.

Looking toward the orchard.

The shed and kitchen garden seen from the second floor.

What a marvelous surprise last week.  So beautiful.  These photos were taken at dawn.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tucked Away

Cooler weather is here so time to 'cover up'.

y outdoor seating area (with newly covered cushions.  Hope the squirrels don't chew them up).

Citrus nestled next to the house on the back porch.

Covers on the raaised beds.

One little tomato still hanging on.

I have been fighting the worms on the kale.

Still 2 little goldfish alive after the pond was raided by a raccoon.

One 'Heavenly Blue' morning glory blossom.

Lots of tasks to do.

Time to clean out the Martin house.

Primrose Jasmine is a monster.  It has to go.

Having 3 crepe myrtles removed - too close to the house and real litterbugs.

I made some kumquate marmalade and got distracted.  It overcooked.  so need to try again.  The original batch still tastes good  but it is way too firm and sticky.

My little amaryllis that I started from seed.  Need to plant them out.

My Celeste fig cutting that needs to be potted up.  Doing well.

I am making a slipcover for a cozy chair. This fabric is 'Document' from Calido Corners.

I've started knitting again.  After decades!  This will be a cowl (if it turns out ok)

Started some veggie seedings, beets and turnips.

I want to do some tole painting on a chest of drawers.  this example is one of Bob Timberlake's designs of a blackberry bramble, love it.  Going to give it a try.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

April 2017

Everything is blooming.  It has been a cool, wet spring and everything is growing like gangbusters and I'm busy WEEDING!.

A big surprise as I was doing my garden walkaround one morning, a PINK bluebonnet.  I was so excited and grabbed my neighbor to show him.  He was not impressed.  Seems he had at least a dozen pink plants!.  I put a sprinkler flag by mine so I can collect the seeds and maybe start a bigger patch next season.  So pretty.

The hesperloes sre blooming.

A late stray daffodil.

Each Christmas I buy amaryllis bulbs and after they bloom in the house I will plant them outside.  Several are blooming now.

Four blooms on one stalk!

My apples are growing up.  I'm trying something new this year to fight the squirrels for the fruit.  I'm putting plastic sandwich bags over the fruit and tightening the zip lock to enclose the fruit.  I snip the lower corners of the bag to let out any condensation. Picked this tip up off the internet so we will see if it works.

My latest addition, Sango Kaku Japanese maple.  Bright orange stem.  The leaves should be bright orangey yellow in fall.

One of my best surprises this spring.  Little Zoey is climbing her tree again.  I thought her climbing days were over when she lost her eyesight.  Hurrah for Zoey.