Monday, April 20, 2020

Mid April 2020

Batik iris

I love the hesperloe here. Red poppies and blue salvia farinacea also.

Mock Orange in all its glory.

Close up of mock orange

Blanket flower ready for it's big bloom cycle.

Pomegranite blooms

Tomatoes survived the cold snap.

Apples getting bigger.  About time to set up nets in my battle with the squirrels.

Lot of little lemons!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Spring 2020

So much to do in the garden!  Lots of rain has meant lots of weeds and plants to be nursed until ready to be planted.

All the citrus in pots are doing well and full of flowers.  This is the variegated lemon.

A little rain and the Virginia Creeper took off like a rocket.  I love the look.

The back crepe myrtle allee all weeded except for bluebonnets, of course.  I am really pleased with the gate I made last fall. The iris are blooming along the side.

Ahh, weeding.  Half done for this path.

Expanding my drip irrigation.  I hate plumbing!

The spiderwort has traveled all through my garden.  Each plant seems to have a different shade of purple.

I mowed the orchard because the grass was so tall.  Tried to save a few of the bluebonnets.

Poppys and bluebonnets, how great.

I love this little basket arrangement.

The iris are so big this year they are falling over due to so much rain.  This is Immortality.

My first tomatillo.

The tomato plants are looking really good.

The woods look so wonderful on rainy days.  More spiderwort  popping up.

Citrus ready to pick.

This is my only 'in ground' planted citrus (lemon).  For 2 years I had no fruit because I kept fertilizing it.  Lots of lush leaves but no fruit.  Turns out potted citrus need lots of fertilizer but not those planted in the ground.  I cut back on fertilizing this in ground lemon and now I have lots of blooms showing up. Maybe a big crop this year!

Climbing rose against the south wall.

All the hesperloe are blooming.

Celeste fig leafing out.

Julia Child rose.

Crepuscule, myfavorite rose.

Need to repot this.  The sedum needs to share space with the asparagus fern.

I know, halloween and fall are long gone but these pumpkins still look great.  Maybe I'll try saving the seeds.  I love them.

That's all for now.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

July In The Garden

Little figs - Celeste variety

Crinum lilies - a passalong gift from a friend.

Cleaned up the greenhouse and preparing to put up some shade cloth.
Replaced irrigation controller with one I can use with my phone.  Raccio works great!

Cleaned up the garden shed, too.  Rid it of wasps nests and lots of mud dobbers nests.  I also found a few apples the squirrels missed.  Last year I tried orchard bags but the squirrels gnawed through them.  This year I tried hot pepper spray and pepper flakes and had better success.  Next year I am going to use the orchard bags again and spary the bags with hot pepper liquid and pepper flakes.  Maybe that will foil the squirrels and birds!  We'll see.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

The weather is glorious and everything is blooming, especially the roses.

Tiny apples!


Deep purple water iris.

All the hesperloe are blooming.

Anacacho orchid tree blooms.