Thursday, April 6, 2017

April 2017

Everything is blooming.  It has been a cool, wet spring and everything is growing like gangbusters and I'm busy WEEDING!.

A big surprise as I was doing my garden walkaround one morning, a PINK bluebonnet.  I was so excited and grabbed my neighbor to show him.  He was not impressed.  Seems he had at least a dozen pink plants!.  I put a sprinkler flag by mine so I can collect the seeds and maybe start a bigger patch next season.  So pretty.

The hesperloes sre blooming.

A late stray daffodil.

Each Christmas I buy amaryllis bulbs and after they bloom in the house I will plant them outside.  Several are blooming now.

Four blooms on one stalk!

My apples are growing up.  I'm trying something new this year to fight the squirrels for the fruit.  I'm putting plastic sandwich bags over the fruit and tightening the zip lock to enclose the fruit.  I snip the lower corners of the bag to let out any condensation. Picked this tip up off the internet so we will see if it works.

My latest addition, Sango Kaku Japanese maple.  Bright orange stem.  The leaves should be bright orangey yellow in fall.

One of my best surprises this spring.  Little Zoey is climbing her tree again.  I thought her climbing days were over when she lost her eyesight.  Hurrah for Zoey.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

First Week in March

Redbud and Anacacho orchid tree in bloom.

Crepuscle rose, my favorite.

Neon yellow rose whose name I lost.  Very dependable and carefree.

A field of blubonnets that are not yet in full bloom.

Cozy corner for lunch.

View from the house.  Wildflowers love the granite paths.  The pots are planted with citrus putting on new leaves after losing so many from the last freeze.

Rebuilt the shed doors and repainted the shed.

Repaired the fence and painted replacement pickets.

Re-organized the shed inside and gave it a good cleaning.

Still need to clean the Martin house.  Probably too late for the Martins though.

No room to walk without stepping on bluebonnets.  I need to be heartless and clear a path.

Seedlings in the greenhouse are ready to plant.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Winter, What Winter?

This has been a very mild winter.  It is just mid-February and already so many things are blooming.  Although this morning we had frost on the roof, the first frost in quite awhile and it caught me off guard.  Hope no serious damage was done.

My little Zoey has recovered well from eye surgery.  She is now totally blind and one eye is fake, the other is gone.  We are learning how best to teach her to navigate.  Do any of you have blind pets and suggestions for making their lives easier?  She is doing pretty well at finding her way around although the other morning I 'lost' her in the house.  She was in a corner of my closet behind the door and couldn't figure out how to exit.  She was so quiet I had to search some time for her.

The Carolina Jasmine is blooming heavily.

Bluebonnets coverng my paths.

Apple tree in bloomk.  Not a lot of blooms(see right side of pic).

These two espaliered apples have blooms as well

The Mountain Laurel is in full bloom.  So early.

First rose bloom of the season.

Poor lemon tree lost all its leaves.  I did not cover it properly.  The stems are all green so I'm hoping leaves will sprout soon.  I had a HUGE lemon harvest in the fall.

Pretty little violas.  Love this color.  I think I'll get some more.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 2016

Remember this?  One of three tuteurs that were disintegrating.  I decided to use this one as a pattern and make new ones.

My basic materials.

The finished product, at last!  These are much sturdier than the originals.

My lemon tree is loaded.

This datura was planted by the birds and has never been given any attention.  No additional water, nothing!  And it is right next to the road in the blistering sun.  Mother Nature does lit best.

Bloom time for the Texas Cenizo.  I bought the pot because the color just matched the shrub flowers.  This is the first significant bloom I've had in this pot and I love it.

Want to know how to propagate Texas Mountain Laurel?  I got this lesson from Cheryl McLaughlin from her radio garden show on KLBJ Sundays at 10:00am.  She is an exper on native plants.

I give the seed hulls plenty of time to fill out then I cut one open at a joint with a razor.

Break open the pod at that joint.  Try not to cut the sead inside the pod.
Take a sliver out of the side so you can peel away the pod.

Nice fat seed here.  Peel away the seed pod

Leave the seed out for an hour or more and if it starts to turn pink or reddish then the seeds are good to plant in potting soil or seed starter mix.  If they do not change color, wait another week or so and try shelling another seed pod.  When they have reached this stage they will germinate very quickly and with a high success rate.  Treat like any new seedling.  They are really tough and do not like a lot of water.

Monday, May 23, 2016

May Progress

Little Rainbow knock out rose I propagated.

The mother plant

Pomegranates growing larger

Bells of Ireland look great.

Big box store lily

Lemons growing very well.

More big box lilies

I love the look of the side yard with horse herb and Virginia Creeper ground covers.

A clean pathway - such a pleasure

Another cleaned pathway.

One of many weed piles!