Friday, September 20, 2013

Late September, 2013

Long borders are looking pretty good considering this dry summer.

I've added bird feeders atop the tuteurs.

The paths have been cleaned and the coral vine is truly exuberant.

I moved these 2 citrus.  I nearly killed them when they were in the kitchen garden, kept forgetting to water.

The long border on the west.  This gets little to no water.  Sumac  and Esperanza are blooming well.

I love this creamy white lantana.  It puts on such a great show.  I'm going to throw in more Snow-on-the-mountain native euphorbia for next year.  It looks nice hovering over the lantana.

Lots of color in this long bed - Strawberry Fields gomophrena, salvia farinacea and rock rose pavonia.

One bed ready for sugar snap peas!

My black-eyed pea patch.

New metal arched entry.  The wooden one rotted but I still like the wooden one best.  Oh well.

New project.  Solar fountain in small pond.  Darn those rocks!

Nice little bunch of pomegranates.

The leaning tower of Martins.

Need to fill in more perennials in the long borders and add more box.  But it's not bad and I like the bird feeders.

Peek-a-boo!  Please clean me out.