Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 2016

Remember this?  One of three tuteurs that were disintegrating.  I decided to use this one as a pattern and make new ones.

My basic materials.

The finished product, at last!  These are much sturdier than the originals.

My lemon tree is loaded.

This datura was planted by the birds and has never been given any attention.  No additional water, nothing!  And it is right next to the road in the blistering sun.  Mother Nature does lit best.

Bloom time for the Texas Cenizo.  I bought the pot because the color just matched the shrub flowers.  This is the first significant bloom I've had in this pot and I love it.

Want to know how to propagate Texas Mountain Laurel?  I got this lesson from Cheryl McLaughlin from her radio garden show on KLBJ Sundays at 10:00am.  She is an exper on native plants.

I give the seed hulls plenty of time to fill out then I cut one open at a joint with a razor.

Break open the pod at that joint.  Try not to cut the sead inside the pod.
Take a sliver out of the side so you can peel away the pod.

Nice fat seed here.  Peel away the seed pod

Leave the seed out for an hour or more and if it starts to turn pink or reddish then the seeds are good to plant in potting soil or seed starter mix.  If they do not change color, wait another week or so and try shelling another seed pod.  When they have reached this stage they will germinate very quickly and with a high success rate.  Treat like any new seedling.  They are really tough and do not like a lot of water.

Monday, May 23, 2016

May Progress

Little Rainbow knock out rose I propagated.

The mother plant

Pomegranates growing larger

Bells of Ireland look great.

Big box store lily

Lemons growing very well.

More big box lilies

I love the look of the side yard with horse herb and Virginia Creeper ground covers.

A clean pathway - such a pleasure

Another cleaned pathway.

One of many weed piles!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May In The Garden

Hesperloe all in a row.

Lily buds soon to come.

Amaryllis buds

There is a 300 gallon water tank under the jasmine.

Jasmine climbing a tree.  Lovely smell.

Field of blanket flower.s

YUUGE iris seed head.  First one I've ever seen.

Little Celeste figs.

Pomegranate 'Wonderful' blooms.

Little apple on my espalliared apple tree.

Asian pears, very tasty and crisp.  These are just babies now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 2016

Peony in full bloom

Closed bloom

Blooms all gone.

Corpuscle with poppies by the garden shed

Crepuscle in close-up

Julia Child rose

Belinda's Dream rose

Unknown red rose on kitchen garden fence.

Pond iris

Pond with the two kinds of iris

One of my resting places

Indian Paintbrush still going strong.

These are copper colored rain lilies I started from seed.  Need to find a good place to plant them.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Crepuscle rose buds

Julia Child rose

Peony buds still growing.

Loads of lemon tree blossoms!

This long path has been weeded.  Only bluebonnets are left.  

Hesperloe bloom stalks

Gala apples


View from my kitchen window.  Love it.