Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Week In May

Water Iris

Four-nerve daisy and salvia farinacea

Mock orange

Iris Bells 

A volunteer sunflower among the larkspur

Fields of blanket flower

More blanket flower - gaillardia

Lots of pomegranate blooms

The Anacacho Orchid tree is still blooming.

Time to weed the pathways.  The four-nerve daisy and bluebonnets are going to seed.

This little coreopsis among the four-nerve daisy came from seeds collected along the roadside.

Still a few poppies blooming.

Zoey captures the tree!

This old rotten tree fell down when the surrounding ground softened from the last rain.  I've been cutting it up for weeks.  I may leave this bit as Zoey loves to climb on top.  My little goat!

Zoey among the poppies and blanket flower.

One pathway cleared!

I found this little Laura Bush petunia at Barton Springs Nursery.  This is one tough sweet little petunia.

The back patio.

Volunteer lantana.

A nice bouquet rescued from Lowe's half-price rack.


  1. What beautiful wildflowers and a very cute helper!
    I love the blue and yellow flowers together.

  2. You certainly had a wildflower bounty in the spring. I could only dream of having such flowers in my wild areas. Somehow they want to live inside the garden walls and whatever I try they will not grow outside. You must have the magic touch. Do you get a good pomegranate crop? We have been blessed with hundreds of gorgeous fruits but one very wet summer the tree got a fungus and is in a decline. I think we must remove it this year.