Monday, July 23, 2012

Buffalo Progress

Greening up nicely but a bit washed out by the drive.  I'll re-seed this part in the fall when temperatures make it easier to keep the soil moist.

This field was laid with buffalo sod in 2000 but successive droughts and heavy deer traffic took its toll.  It is slowly coming back with recent rains.

The potted canna is finally blooming.

Gorgeous color!

The Texas Persimmons are loaded this year.  The branches are weighted down with so much fruit that is larger than average.

Crinums - a passalong from Esther.

I divided several and planted them along the stacked stone wall.  
I don't know what this tall plant is.  It is like Jack's bean stalk; just keeps growing and growing.

Coral vine and Rock rose.  I love these two.

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