Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's Blooming.

This is a volunteer.  I think it is Laura Bush's petunia.  Tough little bugger.


  1. We grow many of the same plants in vastly different soils: gaillardia, Laura Bush petunia, gaillardia, Vitex, lantana, gomphrena. Is your yellow rose the one known as 'Grandma's Yellow Rose -- used to be Nacadotches (sp.)?
    I found that most of the TAMU plants recommended for all of Texas will grow in south Georgia, too. That's how I discovered Pride of Barbados and Tecoma stans.

  2. I started this rose from a cutting I got when taking a class on rose propagation and lost the label, sorry.

    This is the rose's second season and the blooms have been gorgeous.

    I love starting plants from seed and cuttings but my success rate for cuttings is very low.