Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's blooming?

 Crepuscle rose draping over the stacked stone wall.  This rose came from the Antique Rose Emporium.

 This yellow rose was a cutting I propagated from a rose at It's A Jungle nursery in north Austin.  The staff there give classes usually every year on how to propagate roses and they let you take cuttings from their stock.  It is a great nursery for roses and orchids.

 Sandankwa viburnum with philadelphus (mock orange) covered in white blooms in the background.

 My Bloodgood japanese maple.  I had this tree in the front yard originally but wind, sun and deer took their toll.  It loves the protected shade in the side yard.

 New Dawn roses surrounding the kitchen window.  Artemisia Powis Castle in the planter bed.

 This clematis finally bloomed after 3 years!  I think it is Jackmanii.

 My 'black' iris.  Deer avoid it.

View of the back garden from the second floor.  This used to be all grass instead of granite gravel and planting beds.  The grass took up too much water.


  1. I can't believe that many deer were dining on your lawn, looks great!

  2. Hi Ann; welcome to the world of garden blogging! I'm looking forward to seeing what you folks in Texas grow. Do you grow any veg as well as the ornamentals?
    BTW, I have the same sort of problems with foxes as you have with deer.

  3. You have a beautiful garden. We are working towards getting rid of a lot of the grass because, as you say, it likes a lot of water.

  4. Nice garden view of the whole. My garden arrived in parts and I just kept adding them on the end. Its overall structure makes no sense and has no pattern, but historically, it is like a timeline.

  5. Welcome to blotanical! You have a large backyard. Room to grow. I know what you mean about the wind. It has been blowing here in central Arizona for three weeks. Have fun at meeting gardeners all over the world.