Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 2016


I have 3 of these tuteurs that are disintegrating.  I plan to make new ones using the old ones as a pattern.

My supplies for the first one.  I already have the pieces cut to size put didn't take a photo.  Just need to practice with my new air nailer(fun!)

The banana plant is putting out new leaves and that is lemon grass in front.  

Lots of new little lemons and lots of bloom buds.

The redbuds are so pretty that I think I'll try to find a place for more.

This tough little rose had gotten too big and leggy so it got a drastic prune.  Already it is making lots of new leaves.

Salvia Farinacea, mealy cup sage, one of my favorites.  The buds on the plumes will be blue.

Loquats!  This year looks like I will have a big crop.  I've never tasted them.

Bluebonnets and salvia greggi are beginning to bloom.

All my mountaian laurels are blooming heavily this year.  They should have a grape soda smell but mine don't have much fragrance.

The bluebonnet 'field' with a Texas sage in the planter.  Wish they bloomed at the same time.  The Texas sage blooms match the pot color.

My first blooming iris.  When the corms go on sale in the spring I grab all I can find.  They are great for Texas.

The first blooming clump of four-nerve daisy.

A shot of the back garden by the kitchen garden.  Everything is looking so lush after the rains.


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