Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blooms After The Rain

This 'Green Cloud' cenizo blooms more profusely than the usual grey variety.

The two varieties together, Green Cloud on the right

 Passalong plant, crinum.  Thanks, Esther

Pavonia is blooming great.

The coral vine is my favorite vine.  It will take over the fence and the entry arbor of the kitchen garden by the end of the summer.

The perennial morning glory is starting it's mission of swallowing the potting shed, starting with the rain barrel.


This rock rose by the wood pile gets no extra attention or water.  Another one nearby is blooming just as heavily.  Such a pretty and reliable plant.  It creates lots of seeds and seedlings so there are plenty to transplant.

I love the 'Strawberry Fields' gomphrena,  another tough plant.

The salvia farinacea is in it's second bloom cycle.  It blooms all summer if you regularly deadhead and cut it back a third or more occasionally.

Salvia gregii and pavonia together.
 Nothing much going on in the kitchen garden, just a bit of chard and some parsley going to seed.  The drought and water shortages just make it too difficult to keep going for now.

Zexmenia looks nice with the daylily.

A wider view of the garden.

My leaning tower of .....purple martin house.  I did have purple martins this year.

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