Friday, May 20, 2011


PURPLE, PINK AND WHITE.  Once you have Grandpa Ott's morning glory, you have it for life.  It reseeds prolifically.  But so pretty!

BLUE.  The vitex tree is blooming.

BLUE and PINK.  This perennial morning glory is impossible to kill.  By the end of the summer, it will have swallowed my garden shed, under and over.

YELLOW.  The sunflowers have burst open at last.

ORANGE.  The japanese maple and confederate jasmine are doing a great job of hiding the water tank.

GREEN.  Virginia Creeper makes a great 'lawn'.  

ORANGE and YELLOW.  This native lantana was planted by the birds, wind, or something.  I didn't do it.  So tough and pretty.

MAROON, PINK.  Why are my mums blooming now?  It isn't fall.

RED, WHITE, BLUE.  Red and white gladiolus and blue verbena bonariensis.   I really like the billowy gray Powis Castle artemisia.

ORANGE, YELLOW.  I ordered a group of orange daylilies from White Flower Farm and this is their first year to bloom.

BURGUNDY.  This barberry has struggled but now it is doing really well next to the rocky stream bed.

That's all folks!


  1. It's the time of year when I get very aware of colors. You show some beauties. My vitex in full sun is blooming. Shadier vitex(es) are shy to bloom. Virginia creeper is the bane of my garden along with Smilax vine.

  2. I really like that last photo of the burgundy barberry next to the stones - very striking. I feel called to say something positive about Virginia creeper after reading NellJean's comment - I think it's pretty, the birds like it, and is a gorgeous red in fall. But it never has tried to take over my garden.

    Welcome to Blotanical! I'm a new blogger, too.