Saturday, March 11, 2017

First Week in March

Redbud and Anacacho orchid tree in bloom.

Crepuscle rose, my favorite.

Neon yellow rose whose name I lost.  Very dependable and carefree.

A field of blubonnets that are not yet in full bloom.

Cozy corner for lunch.

View from the house.  Wildflowers love the granite paths.  The pots are planted with citrus putting on new leaves after losing so many from the last freeze.

Rebuilt the shed doors and repainted the shed.

Repaired the fence and painted replacement pickets.

Re-organized the shed inside and gave it a good cleaning.

Still need to clean the Martin house.  Probably too late for the Martins though.

No room to walk without stepping on bluebonnets.  I need to be heartless and clear a path.

Seedlings in the greenhouse are ready to plant.

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