Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 2015


Mock Orange

Crepuscle rose.  One of my favorites

Blurry closeup of Crepuscle

Iris with pink knockout rose

Bachelor Buttons

Red double knockout

Orange Blossoms with Bluebonnets and Fouro-Nerve Daisy

Julia Child rose

Belinda's Dream

Yellow knockout

Rainbow knockout

Crepuscle overtaking the garden shed.

Poppies in the kitchen garden.

The Hesperloe spikes

My patch of Indian Paintbrush in the orchard

Two tall spikes of Louisiana Iris in the small pond.

Closeup of the iris

Poppies and cactus

Pyracantha is spectacular this year.

Zoey in the orchard Bluebonnets.

Four Nerve Daisy with  Spiderwort and Irish Bells in the background.

Back view of the mock orange.

Crepuscle on the wall and Blackfoot daisy and Zoey at its foot.

Pink snapdragons


  1. Stunning views, Ann. Julia Child and Belinda's Dream are 2 of my favorites, too. Mock Orange extends the season begun by Dogwoods so well that I forgive the suckers. Zoey is a cutie.

  2. Your garden looks huge, and it must give you a lot of work! I especially love the photo of the kitchen garden with the poppies, blue bonnets and crepuscule over the shed.