Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day July 2014

We are in the 100 degree days of summer so not a lot is blooming and watering is getting difficult.  I've found a few hardy souls blooming though.

Firecracker Gomphrena

Brakelight hesperloe is putting out a new bloom stalk!

Coral Vine was just waiting for 100 degree days.

It's taking over the fence

Rock Rose is still blooming but rapidly going to seed.

Crepe Myrtles are so reliable.

Little Zinnias

Big Zinnias.  

I seeded them here so I could manage watering.  I couldn't keep them watered scattered about the yard.  I'm stingy with my water.  My water barrels need a good rain shower.  Maybe this week.


  1. Well hello to another passionate gardener,

    What a beautiful bevy of blossoms you're sharing via May Dreams Garden. Can you share with me the latin name for Coral Vine as I'm not familiar with it. Looks like a few crepe myrtles would look good situated in the background, where they can't cast shade, for a nice color echo with the vine.

    I'd be honored if you visited my blog to see my first GBBD post only five years in the making with a truly unique backstory, I'm having some trouble with my link. If you want to be directed to my blog, please go directly to patricksgarden.com



    1. Hi Patrick, the coral vine botanic name is Antigonon laptops. There is a white version available also. It is one tough plant that comes back each summer when the weather turns really hot.