Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The recent rains and a milder summer(so far) have done wonders for my garden.  Things are growing so well and everything is lush.  Definitely lush.

I've finally cleared the weeds and dead bluebonnets from the long pathway.

The parterre garden paths are mostly cleared.

I've moved a couple of citrus here.  I think I'll move more here.

Another view of the parterre garden.

Oops!  Need to clean up the crepe myrtle allee'.

I splurged on this deep red hesperloe called 'Brake Light'.  Cost me $25!  I must be crazy.

The long parterre path.  Looks so much better.

Lots of blanket flower going to seed by the firepit area.

A bit of clean up needed to get rid of that pile of weeds just to the right.  But lots of work finished.  My poor umbrella has a busted spoke because I forgot to wind it down before a big windstorm.  Darn.

Good ol Belinda's Dream.  A dream of a rose.

My gorgeous yellow rose, name unknown.

Beach vitex.  Not much to look at most of the year.  Very carefree.  Looks nice now with the small blue blooms.

Close up of the Beach Vitex blooms.


That yellow rose again.

A side view of the crepe myrtle allee.  It is blooming even more lushly since this pic was taken.

Drat!  I thought this was a creamy light yellow lantana, not that garish yellow.  Off with it's head!  No, I'll just move it.  So tired of that bright yellow.

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